Things to Take Care of After Home Purchase

09 Jan 2017

Home buying is a process that often leaves you tired and happy at the same time. If you have just stepped into your new home that you have bought

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The Prominent Benefits of Real Estate Websites for Realtors

06 Jan 2017

The fact that the real estate business is a difficult one is understood no better than the real estate agents themselves. Selling off homes and apartments, no matter how

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What Amenities Should You Look for in a Gated Community Home?

04 Jan 2017

The pattern of home buying has changed over the last few years. While earlier people used to prefer standalone houses, now, they are more inclined towards buying flats and

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Five Steps to Buying the Perfect Flat in Kolkata

02 Jan 2017

Are you on the lookout for a new apartment for yourself? If yes, then reading this piece will ensure that you are aware of the steps to take for

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Three Steps to Preparing Yourself for a Home Purchase

31 Dec 2016

Do you want to purchase a home? If yes, then get ready to prepare yourself for the biggest investment of your life. Now, we all know that purchasing a

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Five Pros of Finding a Home through an Agent

29 Dec 2016

In this period of growing economy, buying a home involves a lot of capital. It’s one of the biggest financial investments a person gets involved in. And since it

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Important Considerations for Buying Flats in South 24 Parganas

19 Dec 2016

An apartment of one’s own is a dream for many. With the rise in the residential gated community projects, today, a luxury apartment does not necessarily have to be

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Analyzing the Rise of Flats and Apartments in Hooghly

16 Dec 2016

Gone are the days when the real estate developers would be restricted to the metropolitan cities only. While even a few decades back, Kolkata had a considerably higher share

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The Role of Emotion and Logic in Home Buying

14 Dec 2016

Home buying is a crucial decision involving a long process. While location, affordability and so many other factors play essential roles in influencing the act of home buying, there

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Tips to Choosing Mid Segment Project Homes in Kolkata

12 Dec 2016

Home buying is always a rewarding experience and it is perfectly fine to be desirous of buying a new home at any given point of time in your life.

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When Are You Actually Ready to Buy a Home?

10 Dec 2016

Home buying calls for a huge investment and whenever it comes to a significant investment; nobody is really ready for it. In fact, for one of the biggest and

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Modern Home Trends to Consider While Buying a 2 BHK Apartment

08 Dec 2016

Out of the different types of service providers that have grown immensely in the last few years, the real estate sector happens to be a major one. Today, a

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