Primarc Referrals


Dear Friends,
Congratulations! You are now a Primarc family member. The joy of owning a new home is boundless and sharing that joy with your friends and family makes it grow.
Now you can share this happiness with everyone, literally. Because we have a new scheme, Prime Plus+, designed only for you.

The Scheme

  • 5

    Refer your friends or family members to Primarc Projects

  • 4

    You could win cash prizes if they book a Primarc Property.

Terms and Condition

  • The referer must be a Primarc property owner and his own sales won’t be counted in the reference scheme.
  • The incremental cash prize will be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of first booking. After the lapse of the first year the count shall start from zero again.
  • In case of a cancellation the net slab will be counted at the time of disbursements.
  • The cash prize will be disbursed only after execution of the sales agreement of the referred flat.
  • This scheme cannot be clubbed or exchanged with any other Primarc scheme.
  • All payments will be made after deduction of applicable TDS.
  • Other terms and conditions will be detailed on the final communication.

Once the person you refer pays at least 50% of their flat’s value, you are entitled to …

Bookings from your ReferralsCash Prizes
FirstINR 20,000/booking
Second and ThirdINR 30,000/booking
Fourth and AboveINR 40,000/booking

*This scheme is not applicable for Astitva and Southwinds.

Welcome to Primarc Projects. Wish you a great neighbourhood experience.