Primarc iVenture is geared to guide early stage investment, and offer complete funding and expansion. Primarc’s new vehicle generates more wealth, employment and boost to the country’s economy.

  • It focuses on West Bengal, where the organization promotes new business
    ventures, assists the state and its people move ahead(I-Kure).
  • Develops and supports ideas that create huge social impact and help
    transform lives; Because together we can create a better tomorrow(Sampurna Earth, I-Kure, Catapoolt).
  • Primarc Group’s core expertise lies in its 30+ years experience in Real
    estate & Retail. Primarc iVenture intends to guide businesses in these
    domains to ease customer pain points and foster growth for organizations(Design Café, Swarnapragati).
  • It is in constant lookout for exceptional ideas which can impact the
    world or society we live in (Ketto).

What we do

Primarc iVenture helps startups to develop sustainable products, services and systems through constant innovation by providing the following support:

  • Financial investments
  • Kick-starter support and assistance
  • Mentoring and support
  • Using & sharing Primarc’s expertise and resources to develop and nurture ideas.

How we do it

The Primarc Group has recently made several investments in ventures like Ketto, Logic Roots, Catapoolt, XCode Life sciences, Design Café, Sampurn Earth, Tabsquare, Ikure, Carveniche, Swarnapragati, Dropkaffe, BikeCleanse and so on.

Primarc iVenture will carry this forward:

  • Through existing platforms like Calcutta Angels, IAN, I3N and others.
  • Direct interaction and connect through entrepreneurs.
  • Startups originating through incubation centers supported by the State Government, Nasscom and Universities.
  • Nasscom and Universities.

Get in touch with Mr. Ayush Patni at


  • TestWe at, are very happy to have Mr.Sidharth Pansari, as one of our key investors, more than just the money Mr.Sidharth and the Primarc group add a lot of value in termsof advice and help for the strategic growth of our company. At an early stage of a business with a large vision, it is important to have key advisors and partners who will guide you from their experience of building a large business and this is what Mr.Sidharthbrings to the table. I have always enjoyed my interactions with Mr.Sidharth and his keen advice about the growth of design cafe, we look forward to a long term partnership with Mr.Sidharth and the Primarc group.test

    Shezaan Bhojani


  • TestGetting the right investor on board is imperative for your business to grow. Finding an investor who believes and understands the idea of your business is a huge deal. Most of them will completely change the mission of your idea to align it with theirs. Team Ketto is super motivated with the kind of support Primarc has given us. Their belief in our vision has helped us focus on the growth and improvement of our business strategies. And that’s exactly what startups really need.Test

    Varun Sheth