Art at Southwinds:

When you think of buying a new home, you probably look at the size of the flat, the position of the balcony, sturdy plumbing and a reliable security set-up. But what about the presence of art in your surroundings? Primarc Group, a leading business group in Eastern India with diverse interests in Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, and E-commerce, goes the extra length to add a little bit of magic to the homes they build.

“I believe that the focus should be on building happy communities rather than just buildings. Art is one of the first and most important things that a child learns to do by painting or drawing. At some point in our lives, we have all been involved in art in some form or the other,” said Siddharth Pansari, Director, Primarc Group. “There is more to real estate than just creating jungles of concrete,” he added.

So, when Primarc Group started ideating for Southwinds, an exclusive residential complex off the Southern Bypass, art was right at the heart of the blueprints.

Enter, art curator Dolly Dabriwal of DD Art Space, with her band of artists and sculptors.  “When Primarc approached me to commission some art pieces and sculptures for their new project at Southwinds, I was really happy to know that real estate promoters in the city were keen to add an artistic dimension to the living spaces they were building in the city,” said Dolly. Till then, while one could find beautiful art installations at premier residential complexes in Delhi and Mumbai, there was none in Kolkata, she rued.

What excited Dolly even more was that local artists were employed to liven up the living spaces with their creativity. Artists like Debabrata Sarkar and Pradip Das, who are well-known for their artwork during Durga Puja, have lent their creativity and artistic expertise to Southwinds.

Primarc firmly believes in the philosophy that building happy communities is more important than creating blocks of flats. Thus, it offers a holistic experience to home buyers, backed by top-notch facilities, a work-life balance, ample greenery, landscaped open spaces, play zones and community areas.

“Our vision is to provide a complete home to a person. For certain people, a complete home may may mean this flat, this unit, this apartment, but for us it means a 360-degree experience with all the amenities. Art completes this experience,” explained Mr. Pansari.

And the artworks at Southwinds, with their earthy colours and synergy with the green open spaces and the happy community that lives there, embody that philosophy beautifully.