Modern Home Trends to Consider While Buying a 2 BHK Apartment

Out of the different types of service providers that have grown immensely in the last few years, the real estate sector happens to be a major one. Today, a number of reputed and recognized real estate organizations are coming up with residential projects that have the potential to redefine the real estate landscape. It is, therefore, undeniable that the flats and apartments that were put up for sale a decade earlier are way behind some of the recently coming up housing projects in South Kolkata. The 2BHK apartments in Kolkata that you can choose from offer you with modern amenities, lucrative location and a lot of additional features too. So, if you are planning to buy a new home for yourself in the near future, the good news is that you will feel spoilt for a choice. However, before that, it is time that you gain an insight into the modern housing projects in your very own City of Joy and learn about the top features in order to be able to make a better choice.

Gated Communities

If you take a look at the recently completed or ongoing housing projects in the city, you will find it difficult to locate a standalone building with less than ten independent flats. Reputed real estate dealers are now going for gated communities that comprise multiple buildings and of course numerous flats and apartments. The beautifully planned gated communities look like and operate as independent townships. This shift towards building gated communities is a welcoming one because it gives you the opportunity to have better choices and be assured of a secure and hassle-free living.

Emphasis on Green Living

The city of Kolkata is becoming more congested with every passing day and pollution is becoming a consistent source of trouble in our daily lives. But again, living in the heart of the city is equally necessary for convenience. That is why; the modern housing projects comprise large areas dedicated to planting trees and creating landscaped gardens right within a gated community itself. With greeneries all around, you live a healthy life and have enough scope for breathing freely in the open air at any time of the day. Thus, you get your daily dose of green and oxygen without compromising on the location that you have always preferred to live in.

All-Inclusive Facilities

Modern day real estate builders realize the fact that a home largely determines how happily you lead your life and that the home is where the heart truly is. So, these days, you can find the housing projects comprising numerous amenities and facilities like gym, children’s playground, a community hall, park and so on. All these are arranged for keeping in mind the varying requirements of the modern residents from their dream home.

So, if all these trends and features are luring you towards buying your new home faster, start off by choosing the right real estate organization first. Communicate your budgetary preference to the dealers beforehand to find the desired home.

Interesting Home Decor Tips for Your Home Sweet Home

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of Love and Dreams.” – Anonymous

Well, whoever made this above-quoted statement has pointed out right. Don’t you feel? Our home is a beautiful place for all of us. And there’s no denying that fact. It’s a place that is crafted with innumerable memories as we have grown up inside the four walls of our home sweet home. And also, our home is the place where we spend most of our free time so; it has to be a place which is close to our heart. You should always feel like coming back to your comfort with a wide smile on your face. Isn’t it?

Now, I’m sure you know that your resident reflects your persona to the outer world. So, you’ve to be really choosy with the elements you use for decorating your place. If you’re one of them who likes to keep it simple and elegant then be that way with minimalistic decorations. And on the contrary, if you like to keep it royal then look for antique furniture that will add a touch of sheer class to your abode. Well, here are some interesting home decor tips that you can follow for making your own space more graceful. Keep reading below:


  • Splash fun colours – I’m sure you know that colour can do a lot to beautify your home. From colour-loaded walls to furniture and floors add a sense of life to your abode. You can paint the walls of your home with peppy colours or fix bright furniture, linens, cushions, sofas and much more. But, always remember not to overdo with colours so that it becomes too loud to stay in. Try to balance the colours well for a peaceful living. For instance, if you paint the walls of your living room red, then make sure to keep one wall subtle with a soft colour to balance it and vice versa.
  • Add elegant mirrors – Well, gone are those days, when mirrors were used only for dressing tables. Nowadays, mirrors are the trendsetters. You can use it anywhere you want but yes never forget to make it stand out in the room. Some interior designers use it as an element to add more depth to the room as it gives an illusion of space. You can go for elegantly designed mirrors on the walls of your living room or you can also fix large mirrors on the ceiling of your bedroom. So, what’s your choice?
  • Amplify with antique furniture – Furniture is a piece of art that reflects a lot about your personality. There are some who likes it really simple with modern furniture in the rooms while some opt for antiques. Now, if you like to keep it traditional, then select one-piece that will steal all the attention. Never overcrowd the room with too many fixtures as that will look exhausting for the eyes. Always keep it simple and exclusive.

The above-mentioned tips are just to name a few. There are more amazing decor tips that will blow you off your mind. And they are like playing around with neutrals and colourful textures, colour-filed floors, grand chandlers, flower vases and much more. So, buy a 2 BHK apartment in Kolkata and explore your creative senses at its best. Never leave any room for getting praises for your home sweet home. Good luck!