Three Steps to Preparing Yourself for a Home Purchase

Do you want to purchase a home? If yes, then get ready to prepare yourself for the biggest investment of your life. Now, we all know that purchasing a home involves a lot of capital. And it’s one of the crucial decisions of your life. So, you need to be really smart while taking such a big decision. If you’re worried about the whole process, then there’s nothing to be anxious about, rather a systematic and skilful planning will make the process simple.

There are basic questions that you should ask and answer yourself first to make the home buying process easy. Firstly, you’ve to think whether buying the home is essential or not. And secondly, be sure of your spending capacity for the purchase of a new abode. Once you’ve cleared your queries regarding the purchase, then you can move ahead and buy the house. Here are three steps that will prepare you for purchasing a home. To know more, keep reading below:

  • Know your Affordability – Now, this forms the ground for the biggest investment of your life. You may aspire to live in one of the finest locations of the city. But, can you afford it? And there’s nothing to be ashamed to know your spending capacity before desiring for a home that will run out of your budget. Setting a budget is wise as it will set your mind and help you to choose your home accordingly. We are sure that you don’t want to purchase an abode that will make you ‘house poor’. So, make the purchase worth spending for, based on your own affordability and convenience.
  • Prepare for a Loan – Well, there are various reasons to buy a home. You may need it immediately or it is just an additional property to your assets. Whatever may be the reason, purchasing a home involves a lot of capital that compels you to take a loan. Even if you have enough capital, still taking a loan is beneficial for you as you don’t have to pull out the entire money at a go. Rather you’ll pay in installments that will put less of pressure on you. So, in order to prepare for a loan, you need to check your credit, save money for down payments and other expenses, and last but not the least, you need to put your documents in order.
  • Apply for a Home Loan – If you wait for the last moment to apply for a loan, you may end up witnessing your dream home getting sold to a different buyer. So, application for the loan should be made as early as possible as it is a time taking process. Now, there are various types of home loans available in the market with different types of payment packages. So, know the in and out of the process thoroughly and choose the one that suits you best.

With all the above-mentioned steps, there are less chancesfor you to be vulnerable in the home buying process. If you are a first time homebuyer, planning to buy 3 BHK flats in Kolkata, then you will surely get an insight into the whole process in this article. So, in order to make your dream home a reality, start preparing yourself with all the essentials today!

Important Strategies to Know before Investing in Real Estate, Kolkata

The transformation that Kolkata has gone through in the real estate sector is tremendous and the trends reflect that the transformations will continue for a couple of years more. In today’s time and age, spacious apartments are extremely affordable and people belonging to the Mid Income Group (MIG) are investing in these residential apartments. The major reason for making such investments is because the basic standard of living improves.

A good life always begins with a good home and the right neighbourhood. With so many residential complexes coming up, the neighbourhood automatically gets better with all modern amenities to make life comfortable. The work-life balance is extremely important and having the right recreational activities within your residential complex is the best way to maintain it. However, wanting a good life, giving your family the right home is important but owning a flat requires making the right investment. The real estate sector in Kolkata has changed completely and this time for the good. In fact, now is considered to be a great time to make an investment in the real estate sector but there are certain important investment strategies that you need to be aware of.


  • Select Areas with High ROI – There are certain areas where buying a 3 BHK flat in Kolkata gives a high return on investment (ROI). For instance, areas those are well connected to the rest of the city with easy communication modes along with a good number of options tend to have high ROI.
  • Conduct a Well-Planned Research before Making Any Investment – First time home buyers need to conduct a well-planned research so that they get the best deal. When investing in your home, it is not just about the best deal but also about prospective returns in the future. If necessary take the help of consultancies during your research.
  • Analyze the Outcomes of Your Investment – Before making an investment it is important to have a fair understanding of the pros and cons that you might face. Having analysis about what you are in for and the kind of outcome you are likely to receive is important.
  • Choose a Tactful Form of Marketing – The reason for focusing so much on making the right investment is primarily because the owner must get a good price after a couple of years if he plans to sell it off. The profit margin needs to be high and for that tactful marketing is a pre-requisite. Publicizing your offer by posting ads in the right places also helps in getting a good deal.
  • Select the Right Real Estate Agent – The right real estate agent is important and without him it is difficult to know your best options. Care needs to be taken that you get in touch with someone who is good at his job.

Investing in the real estate sector has its fair share of good returns in the years to come. But it is important to understand and analyse the investment channel that will give you maximum returns against the principal amount you give. So, make sure to consult the right people and take professional guidance for maximum benefits.

Top Property Buying Trends in Kolkata

Over the last few decades, the trends in home buying have undergone significant changes. The potential home buyers are now looking for homes that offer them with luxury, security and comfort. While the general ability and the inclination to spend have increased among the buyers, the options have also become numerous. In our very own City of Joy, a good number of real estate organizations are continuously coming up with residential projects, most of which are gated communities, something very much in trend these days.

Now, if you are planning to buy a 3BHK flat in Kolkata, it is obvious that you will want the best possible return on your investment. Of course, you have your own set of requirements and expectations from your new home and you should definitely communicate this to your chosen real estate agent. However, it is good to be aware about the top property or home buying trends that are currently influencing the home buying choice or decision of hundreds of buyers like you. So, here you go.


Smaller Homes – It might sound surprising but the focus has shifted from a preference for the larger and more spacious homes to cosier and smaller homes. With families becoming nuclear, smaller homes are easier to manage and maintain. Also, the security quotient is higher in a small home and this is very relevant for couples who go out for work leaving behind some elderly member and a kid back home.

Spacious Outdoor Living Area – Yes, while homes are better if they are small, there is a growing demand for homes with considerable outdoor living space. And this demand is being rightly fulfilled by the gated community residences that generally offer amenities like landscaped gardens and rooftops, swimming pools, toddler’s play areas, natural water body and so on. With the present generation getting busier and having little time for a peaceful walk, the presence of such facilities within a few steps from the home adds to the attractiveness of the same.

Scope for Modern Kitchens – Kitchen is indeed the heart of any home and it is also the place where maximum advancements can be brought about in terms of design and functionality. Most apartments, today, incorporate modular kitchens that are high in demand among potential and prospective home investors.

Apart from these, there are several other trends that are quite common enough to be taken into serious consideration. Knowing what is in is a significant way of understanding what to expect and making the most of your investment.

Steps to Putting up Your House for Sale

While we keep talking about how difficult it is to buy a new house, we often overlook the fact that selling a house is equally difficult, if not more. A home seller’s interests are as much worth protecting as that of the home buyer’s. In fact, if you think closely, you will realize that the excitement that comes with the act of buying a new home is totally absent when it comes to selling off a house that you have once bought with care and significant investment. So, if you are a prospective home seller, your ultimate intention is to get as much of a price as your house deserves.

If you are planning to sell a 3 BHK flat in Kolkata for instance, you will typically get a lot of willing potential buyers. There will also be dealers, playing the role of middlemen and guiding both parties to the right direction. However, before you actually begin with the actual process of sale, you will have to undertake the process of showing your home to the potential buyers, who need to take the decision after having a close look at your house. So, how can you possibly impress them? There are a few steps involved and you should ideally begin following these right from the time you put up your house for sale. Let’s consider them.

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  • First, keep your home absolutely free of clutter. Even the store room that you have so far used to put up the unnecessary stuff, should now be at least, partly empty so that the amount of space comes to the attention of the visitors. Assign professional cleaners if necessary and take special care to make your house appear clean on the scheduled day of the visit.
  • Keep the home décor as simple as possible. Remove the extra showpieces and wall paintings if there are too many. There are two main reasons behind why you need to do this. One, too much décor creates an impression of small space, which is certainly not desirable in this case. And the second thing is that your taste of home décor might not match with the potential buyer of your house. Certain home décor items may actually end up turning off the visitor. So, the best thing would be to keep things minimal and of course, simple.
  • Remember the things you had looked for when you had bought this house? Apart from wanting to buy an affordable home in Kolkata, you had put a lot of emphasis on several other areas like the inflow of light into the home interiors. Yes, this is very important too. Keep your windows etc. open to allow in a lot of light because whether your home creates enough positive vibes will be a matter of concern for the buyer.

Keep these simple things in mind and be careful with all your documents to sell off your house to a worthy buyer and make the most of the deal.