Art at Southwinds:

When you think of buying a new home, you probably look at the size of the flat, the position of the balcony, sturdy plumbing and a reliable security set-up. But what about the presence of art in your surroundings? Primarc Group, a leading business group in Eastern India with diverse interests in Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, and E-commerce, goes the extra length to add a little bit of magic to the homes they build.

“I believe that the focus should be on building happy communities rather than just buildings. Art is one of the first and most important things that a child learns to do by painting or drawing. At some point in our lives, we have all been involved in art in some form or the other,” said Siddharth Pansari, Director, Primarc Group. “There is more to real estate than just creating jungles of concrete,” he added.

So, when Primarc Group started ideating for Southwinds, an exclusive residential complex off the Southern Bypass, art was right at the heart of the blueprints.

Enter, art curator Dolly Dabriwal of DD Art Space, with her band of artists and sculptors.  “When Primarc approached me to commission some art pieces and sculptures for their new project at Southwinds, I was really happy to know that real estate promoters in the city were keen to add an artistic dimension to the living spaces they were building in the city,” said Dolly. Till then, while one could find beautiful art installations at premier residential complexes in Delhi and Mumbai, there was none in Kolkata, she rued.

What excited Dolly even more was that local artists were employed to liven up the living spaces with their creativity. Artists like Debabrata Sarkar and Pradip Das, who are well-known for their artwork during Durga Puja, have lent their creativity and artistic expertise to Southwinds.

Primarc firmly believes in the philosophy that building happy communities is more important than creating blocks of flats. Thus, it offers a holistic experience to home buyers, backed by top-notch facilities, a work-life balance, ample greenery, landscaped open spaces, play zones and community areas.

“Our vision is to provide a complete home to a person. For certain people, a complete home may may mean this flat, this unit, this apartment, but for us it means a 360-degree experience with all the amenities. Art completes this experience,” explained Mr. Pansari.

And the artworks at Southwinds, with their earthy colours and synergy with the green open spaces and the happy community that lives there, embody that philosophy beautifully.

Factors Affecting the Home Buying Decision of the Present Generation

Home buying continues to be a matter of much interest and also a lot of speculation. The younger generation, today, is more willing to buy a home of their choice because they consider it to be one of the most precious possessions. If you are in the business of real estate, you need to know about the things that best appeals to the millennial. Also, if you are among one who is looking for a new home but is not sure of where to start, here is a list of factors that affect the home buying decision of today’s youth.

Convenience, Convenience and Convenience

Yes, that’s right. Convenience is the first and the most important factor that plays an extremely significant role in influencing the home buying decision. By convenience, we mean a lot of things but most essentially, convenience of location. With work schedule getting longer and more hectic, most people are choosing to live as close to the workplace as possible. It saves a lot of time and energy with transportation and commutation being easier. In fact, a lot of the urban youth go for a second home with the sole purpose of making life convenient for them. A 2BHK flat in an area that has good connectivity, reputed schools, colleges, hospitals and shopping centres in the vicinity is way more preferred than a fairly spacious home in a less convenient area.

Price and the Eligibility for Home Loans

This is yet another important factor affecting the home buying process. The younger you are, the easier it is for you to get a home loan approved with lucrative interest rates. So, the present generation home buyers are more inclined towards making a small down payment and repaying the loans over the time with instalment amount that suit their income flow and budget.

Demographics of the Area

These are data describing the general composition of the population in terms of gender, age, population growth, income and race. It is one factor which enables realtors to anticipate trends in this market and the buyers to understand the nature of the prospective neighbourhood. Also, it is only through these statistics that you can determine the types of property in demand and their market value.

These and many other factors have a great role to play in influencing the modern buyers in buying affordable apartments in Sonarpur.

Tips on Negotiating with Your Real Estate Dealer

If you are in the process of buying a new home, it is obvious that you are working with a real estate agent as well. These days, with the increase in the number of real estate organisations as well as the projects developed by them, house-hunting has become quite difficult and confusing. As such, the importance of a real estate agent who can guide you through the process, bring the most suitable options for you and also look into the legalities of the matter is immense. Now, when it comes to choosing one, you can either get in touch with an independent agent or an agent who is working with an organisation and has been entrusted with the responsibility of dealing with your needs. Whatever the nature and type of agent, it is essential for you, as a potential buyer, to be careful when negotiating with the dealer. Here is a list of tips.


  • To begin with, you should sort out your finances beforehand and communicate your budgetary constraints to the agent. This will help them bring the options accordingly. For instance, if you intend on buying affordable apartments in South 24 Parganas, you just need to let your agent know and he will ensure that the choices he brings don’t exceed your budget.
  • It is always better to have everything documented right from the start of the process. A lot of things will be discussed and quite a few clauses will be decided on. Noting these down and especially the areas that will call for extra investment on your part is of utmost importance. This will eliminate chances of additional costs arising later.
  • Ensure that the agent also has knowledge about the legalities involved in the process. Even if you don’t have the required awareness, let the agent feel that you are serious about it and want no complications later.
  • Last but not the least, never compromise on what you need the most from your prospective home. The real estate agent might often try to divert your attention from certain areas but you should be absolutely sorted and clear about what you want.

A proper agent with the required qualification and considerable experience in the field will always guide you in the right direction. So, if you have chosen the right one, there is nothing much you will be left to worry about.

Advantages of Living in a Riverside Apartment

How about enjoying your first tea in the morning by feeling the chill of the air?Yes, that’s exactly what is going to happen if you’re planning to live by the riverside. Away from the hullaballoo of the city life, these riverside apartments bring you closer to Mother Earth. The demand for the apartments by the river is ever increasing for lesser pollution, soothing surroundings, chaos-free life and many other reasons. Keeping in mind the demand there are many real estate companies that are constructing riverside apartments at most affordable prices.

There is more than one advantage associated with living in a riverside apartment …

Primarc - Gangetica

Enjoy the natural beauty along with modern conveniences – An apartment by the riverside gives you an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. It exposes you to nature’s beauty along with all the modern conveniences. There is no room for any boredom as it gives you a dual life. It ensures a home with all the modern facilities amidst Nature.

  • Live a healthy life – The most important advantage of living in a riverside apartment is the healthy life one enjoys. From waking up in the mornings to sitting in the garden inthe evenings, the communion with Nature makes your life happy, healthy and worth appreciating. As these apartments are wisely planned, they are situated away from the chaotic traffic and unnecessary hustle bustle of the city.
  • Feel the natural beauty around you – Take pleasure in stopping, looking and listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. The chirping of magnificent birds, the melancholic lapping of water and the cool breeze offer you a peaceful life.

Get ready to live your life to the fullest without compromising on the comfort of a modern home. Welcome a blissful morning by witnessing the sunrise, by listening to the rhythmic sounds of nature at the balcony of your apartment situated by the river. The tranquillity is restored at its best along with a life everyone desires for. You need to visit one riverside apartment to believe it. And once you experience the feel of the place in person I’m sure you’ll be convinced to stay there forever. Gangetica provides affordable housing facilities to one and all. Visit there and choose the best that suits your requirements. Enjoy Mother Nature. Enjoy heavenly living!