Sell or Rent: How to Choose Your Option?

To sell or to rent, that is the question; and in order to be sure about what you should do, there are certain things that you need to ask yourself. The recovering real estate market has motivated a lot of people to move to new homes. However, for the current homeowners, it might be a matter of debate to sell or rent their current home. When a person thinks that his current home is no longer suiting him, selling it off can be a good option. But in a few cases, renting it out can make more sense.


How Much Rent Money You Can Charge

If you are buying a new home or have applied for a home loan, consider whether the rent can suffice to the equal monthly installments for your home loan. If it does, then it will be a better option to giveaway your current home on rent. In order to avail a constant cash flow every month, it is better to rent your home than selling it.

Are You Ready to Improve the Look & Feel of Your Home?

Your tenants will not put up with that leakage on the bathroom taps and those dampened walls. You might have to first assess the places in your home that needs repairs and then go ahead with the repairing process before renting it off. Also, when you will make these little changes in your home, you will raise the level of the rent money.

Is it Okay For You to Take up Regular Maintenance?

When you put your property on rent, you will have to ensure regular maintenance of the same. Especially, whenever a tenant moves out, you will have to paint the house, and do other fixtures. You must remember that tenants can be picky. So, here you will have to decide whether it’s a better option to sell off the property or to hold onto it along with these expenses.

With the real estate market booming nowadays, there are a lot of options for homebuyers. And with such lucrative housing options everywhere, people have become more and more excited about owning a home of their dreams, in a better locality. So, if you too are looking for a flat for sale in south 24 Parganas, this is probably the right time for you to decide upon whether you should rent your existing abode or sell it off.

Choose Riverside Apartments for an Exotic Living

There are places around the city of Kolkata that have expanded and developed in the last few decades so much so that they have turned into a mini city itself. One of these places is Chandannagar in the Hooghly district. The place, which was historically colonised by the French during the British era in India, is considered one of the most beautiful places around Kolkata and it comes with a rich heritage too. Ease of communication both by roadways and railways has led to a significant influx of people to Chandannagar.

With the Ganges flowing by, Chandannagar has a natural beauty that draws people who want to lead their life away from the daily humdrum of the city after retirement. If you are planning to buy a home somewhere just a little away from Kolkata and yet avail all possible amenities, take a look at the flats for sale in Chandannagar, Hooghly. And the good news is that Primarc, the prominent real estate organisation along with Shrachi, is coming up with the first ever high rise in Chandannagar for you to own your dream home in a dreamlike location.

Primarc - Gangetica

Gangetica, as the name suggests, is located very close to the Ganges, therefore, offering an uninterrupted river view to the residents. The residential project will have both 2BHK and 3BHK apartments comprising all modern amenities. Gangetica comes across as one of the present-day gated communities with two blocks and about 148 flats. Since the USP of the project is its offer of river view, the property has an amazing outdoor space that is just perfect for an adda session in the evening with friends.

Gangetica has all-inclusive amenities in the true sense of the term. The arrangement is such that you will never feel like going out. So, you have a gym to workout anytime you want without having to give an excuse for why you are not exercising. There is an AC indoor games room to let the kids stay busy while you are away from them and an AC community hall too, for organizing quick get-together right at your residence.

Overall, Gangetica is a complete package offering you with ways of exotic living that you must give a try.