Make Your Small Home Environment-Friendly with these Tips

Excessive pollution at every place and in every weather conditions has led to more gruesome consequences than people ever imagined. Today, one in every ten adult and even children are affected by dust allergies or are found to be suffering from ailments caused by the extremely poisonous gases and chemicals that are surrounding us at all times.

Though it is not in our hands to lessen the level of pollution outside, it is our responsibility to make our homes greener and healthier for our family. It is, therefore, that reputed and recognized real estate dealers are coming up with mid segment projects in Kolkata that include environment-friendly flats too. But it is not just enough to live in a flat with greens around. You can turn your very apartment into an environment-friendly one. Here, check out the top three ways you can do so:

Grow Plants Indoors – Grow as many live plants as possible across your apartment. The plants will act as natural absorbers of the harmful pollutants thrown out by the electronic equipment, carpets and so on. Make it a point to fill your living room corners and balconies with at least one spider plant and rubber plant as they are efficient absorbers of harmful elements. The best part of growing plants indoor is that the plants serve well in beautifying your home and, hence, you are not required to worry too much about the home decoration part.

Let the Sunlight Enter Your Home – Sunlight is the most environment-friendly light that can keep your home suitable for healthy living. It is true that during the summers, too much of sunlight inside the apartment might be unwelcome. That is why, go for open blinds, drapes and shutters, which can be kept closed when it is too hot outside and opened when needed to let the sunlight in.

Turn off the Lights When Not in Use – This is a very essential step that can not only make your home healthier for you but also ensure that your utility bill amount is lower. Make it a point to switch off the lights of the room you are not using. Many people ignore this, assuming that it does not make much difference. Try this, you will feel the coolness in your home when you return from work after a long day.

Living in a green home is easy provided that you follow certain steps. However, before anything else, book your new flat in one of the residential gated community projects that are meant to make your life greener.

Live a Healthier Life with Your Green Home in Primarc Astitva

While the metropolitan cities like Kolkata bring us a lot of advantages, it takes away certain things that make our lives more pleasant and peaceful. As such, we miss less crowded lanes where we can walk about freely and breathe in the fresh air. Exercising requires us to join a gym that is usually a little far from the home while our urge to join swimming often remains unfulfilled due to time constraints and other factors. However, gone are the days when city living would snatch such pleasures away from you. Primarc-MCK comes up with its high-end residential project ‘Astitva’, which is also the very first Green Building residential destination in Kolkata.


Primarc Astitva has been awarded the IGBC Green Homes Gold Certification by the Indian Green Building Council. The certification implies that this residential gated community project fulfils the definitive standard for energy efficient buildings with minimum demand of electrical energy. Some of the green features worth mentioning are:

  • Sprawling landscape with 80% open space, enabling residents to experience a green atmosphere around their homes
  • Use of high COP VRVs for air conditioning to result in reduced water and energy consumption and, therefore, a lower electricity bill
  • Presence of rain water harvesting system
  • Solar panels for renewable energy generation
  • Provision of electrical vehicles charging points to encourage using environment-friendly electronic cars
  • Dual fired eco-friendly DG set

Primarc Astitva’s USP is definitely its offer of green homes and it does not remain restricted to that. With an enviable location at Kankurgachi, the project comprises three residential towers with G+16 floors on a total built-up area of around 2,76,405 square feet (excluding parking). Some of its world-class amenities include a 120 feet long sky terrace, multipurpose play court on terrace, air-conditioned gymnasium & health club, indoor games room, squash court and many more.

With Astitva, Primarc takes a step ahead towards promoting responsible luxurious living. Make the most of your chance to be a part of the first Green home of Kolkata and be a responsible citizen.

Tips for Enjoying a Green Life Amidst the City

The modern urban lifestyle seems to offer us with everything except a piece of greenery and some open space to breathe freely and relax just the way we want. A green surrounding and a greener life are pivotal these days. With this in mind, real estate organizations are coming up with projects that offer homes in a considerably pollution-free and eco-friendly ambiance. So, while green living in Garia now becomes possible, there are some useful things that you can do to make your home greener. Here, take a closer look at these tips and strategies.

Primarc - Southwinds

Manage Your Wastes Better

Every day, residents in any particular building complex generate loads of trash. As a responsible citizen, you should be aware of this and take small steps to reduce the massive amounts produced. For instance, get away with the paper wastes by changing to online billing and paperless statements. Your food take-out can be placed by cardboard or recyclable material containers too. Keep your kitchen clean by resorting to small recyclable containers and make it a point to have a kitchen chimney installed to absorb all the generated smoke.

Minimize the Machine Usage

While any machine or equipment that you use on a regular basis for household tasks is of immense importance, it is also possible to limit their usages to a certain extent. For instance, instead of letting your washing machine run every day, you can plan to wash thrice a week. This will make things less inconvenient and at the same time, minimize a lot of energy use.

Conserve Water

Water is one of the most useful and rare resources today. Hence, conserving water is of utmost importance. If anyone remains even a little careful, a lot of water can be saved be it through reducing the washing and bathing time or remembering that the tap is open. Install water saving fixtures in your home and do your bit in saving this extremely useful resource for the earth.

Let Your Home Welcome Plants

There is a sheer variety of plants that you can have right inside your home on the balcony itself. Go for these plants as you will be surprised by the amount of green and positive vibes they bring in to your home.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are several other things that you can do to have a green life even amidst the city. If you are in the city of joy, Kolkata, do check out the eco-friendly homes near Garia in luxurious gated communities developed by the reputed and recognized real estate organizations.