The Role of Emotion and Logic in Home Buying

Home buying is a crucial decision involving a long process. While location, affordability and so many other factors play essential roles in influencing the act of home buying, there is always a significant part played by the emotion and logic of the prospective homebuyer. Now, more often than not, emotion influences much of the process of buying. While it is not completely wrong to pay importance to emotion, getting swayed by impulses is certainly not desirable. In fact, there are both positive and negative aspects associated with giving importance to emotion while buying home. Let’s take a look.

The Pros

When you visit a home that you might buy in the future, how often have you thought like this room will be perfect for the kids or may be that space can be best utilized as the space adjoining the kitchen? Now, this is a very healthy practice because in the new home, you think of an average day in the home and eventually, decide on how functional the home is. Giving importance to emotion, therefore, helps you assess the functionality of the home and determine as to whether it would be a better option than the home you have already been living in.

Another good thing about being emotional while buying a home is that you get the scope to find a home that feels right. This is important because once you make a significant investment in a home; there should ideally be no looking back. So, the more grounded the decision you take, the better it is for you.

The Cons

Emotion and logic oppose each other. If you are too emotional in taking your home buying decision, you will most essentially pay less stress on logic. Emotional buyers make impulsive decisions. If they feel that a particular home is right for them, they will just go by instinct and in doing so, ignore other aspects. Thus, you might have other home options that are lucrative when seen from all other aspects but yet, stick to the one that you have already chosen.

Too much relying on emotion also means faster exhaustion. Emotional homebuyers are often hard to satisfy also. They might just get tired of looking for homes so much so that they fix upon one that appears suitable. And this certainly leads to a poor home buying decision.

So, if you are about to buy a residential flat in Sonarpur or any other areas in Kolkata, balance your emotion and logic in a way as to make the best use of both.

Why Should You Buy Homes with a Spacious Backyard?

For anyone who has been on a quest for a perfect home is well aware of the fact that finding one is extremely difficult. Even with the top real estate dealers by your side and always at your service, satisfaction remains questionable. Even if you are happy with the location, the lack of amenities in the prospective home still bothers you. So, if you are going through the stage of choosing your new home, there are certain things you will have to put as a priority in order to be able to make the best-possible choice at the end of it all.

While you will get several options, if you wish to buy 2 BHK apartments in Kolkata that are affordable too, it is important that you go with a house or apartment that offers you some open space as well. A small backyard happens to be of a lot of use that home buyers fail to realize right at the time when they choose their homes. It is not without reason that today, both real estate organizations and potential home buyers prefer gated communities that promise considerable open spaces in the form of garden area , kids play area, etc. So, why choose a home with a spacious backyard? Here, take a look at the primary reasons:

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  • To begin with, open spaces give you the scope to relax, walk about and breathe in fresh air right within your home complex. After a tiring day at work and your dinner at home, you might just want to take a stroll instead of watching TV, which can be strenuous. The open area lets you relax the way you want.
  • If the backyard is solely owned by you or even if it shared by your fellow flatmates, you can choose to have a small garden or a kitchen garden in this area. This can possibly be the most productive as well as a fun way of utilizing the space and letting it be of significance for the respective owners.
  • If you have kids in the family, it is necessary to have an open area where the little ones can play around without compromising their security. Since the backyard is very much inside the community in which you are living, the children are not required to be taken anywhere else to play.
  • Lastly, certain things increase the after-sale value of your home since you might have to sell it off in the long run. And among these things, the presence of a backyard is definitely one. Irrespective of whether there has been an appreciation of the property, this small backyard will keep the value of your home high.

So, the next time when you negotiate with a dealer, keep these points in mind and present it as a requirement driving your home buying decision.

Buying A Property In Sonarpur ~ Things To Avoid

Investing in a property can be a daunting task. If this is your first investment, and you are torn between a vacant plot and a house, you must evaluate the situation.

If you wish to invest in a residential property in Kolkata, it may be wise to consider projects in and around South Kolkata. Places like Sonarpur, Garia and Baruipur have many luxury homes, which are also affordable. Out of all these places, Sonarpur stands out. A great location, wide range of properties and competitive prices gives it a clear edge over other places.

Buying a residential property makes for a great investment. Some researchers even claim that it may be a better investment than the stock market, or even gold. Over the years, investments in real estate have turned amazing profits.

However, it isn’t as easy as flipping a coin. You can fall victim to many mistakes if you are not careful …

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If the bank says it’s risky, avoid it

Banks will usually provide you with a long list of risky properties when you approach them. Most other lending institutions will agree with the banks in this matter. There are many such properties the banks will not consider a safe investment, like defense housing, student housing, serviced apartments or other outer coastal properties.

Don’t overreach

Set a budget at the onset and stick to it. There will be many temptations that will be out of your reach. If you are buying this property to lease, be warned that your tenants will not be picking up your slack.

Watch out for scams

With an increase in the number of residential properties, the market is flooded with fake owners who plan to scam probable tenants. This works the other way as well. So be sure to do a thorough background check on your prospective seller or landlord. Even if you are an owner looking to lease, screen your tenants carefully.

Old homes look good only in movies

A lot of buyers are charmed by old homes. More often than not, these properties are plagued by problems and end up being a constant pain.

Just remember these tips and always weigh your options before committing to investing in a residential property. Remember these and you should be moving into your brand new home in Sonarpur, in no time.

Choose a Green Home for a Healthier Life

The constant change in the environment is the biggest challenge that people have been facing for a long time now. Understanding the intensity of this challenge, it is important to be environmentally active and aware. This spreading environmental awareness will help you motivate others to do their bit in contributing towards a better and greener environment.

Interestingly, money is a very vital resource and a person can actually save a lot if he/she opts for an environment-friendly residential apartment. Even real estate builders are becoming increasingly conscious about their properties and coming up with ideas to build green residential buildings. This is a big step towards the preservation of the environment and the growing demand for such properties is a reflection on how clients are also becoming conscious of their surroundings. Fortunately, green buildings are also very cost-effective and have huge benefits. Let us take a close look at some of the important features of such eco-friendly homes.

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  • Proper Insulation – When it comes to building green homes, having the right insulation is essential. That is because cooling and heating lead to 50% of your home’s energy consumption. In the case of air leaks from windows and ductwork accounts for heat loss from the residential buildings. Proper insulation will reduce a chunk of your home energy consumption.
  • Sustainable Building Materials – Since real estate builders are aiming to build green homes, it is essential that they use sustainable building materials. Using such materials help considerably in reducing the construction impact on the environment. Care needs to be taken that the building material, roofing material along with the cabinets and counters are made with environment-friendly products.
  • Solar Panel Installation – Solar energy is not only clean but it is the renewable energy that your home needs. Solar panels are currently in trend as they are the most effective source to use the existing natural power around us which is the sun.Solar panels are expensive but the long term savings they offer should not be overlooked. So, builders need to pay attention on the location of their properties and the construction of solar panels to collect as much power as possible.
  • Rainwater Harvesting – Water conservation is yet another important contribution towards preserving the environment. So, install an effective rainwater harvesting system when building your green home. This will enable you to collect rainwater from the rooftops and store them in a tank. Rain barrels are appropriate for processing rainwater harvesting.
  • Eco-Friendly Lighting – Both CFL and LED might be costly but will consume very less energy and are long lasting compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs. These eco-friendly lightingsare the best solution for your green homes.

Going green is not just a necessity but also extremely cost-effective. It is time for real estate builders and consumers to opt for apartments and properties that can help in preserving the environment.