Lok Sabha polls 2019 — the world’s largest democratic election exercise — is underway. While you pick your candidate and eagerly wait for May 23 when the results will be announced, here are some new releases to help you make sense of the electoral jamboree.

Election Post

The Virtual Hindu Rashtra: Saffron Nationalism and New Media by Rohit Chopra (HarperCollins India, ₹399), analyses Hindu nationalist advocacy and cyber activist movements across social media and a range of internet spaces. The book explores authoritarian regimes across the world and how new media is redefining the terms of democratic engagement.

Democracy on the Road: A 25 Year Journey through India by Ruchir Sharma (Penguin, ₹699)True to its title, this part-travelogue, part-analysis decodes the throbbing heart of India’s democracy through Sharma’s own experiences of interacting with citizens and political leaders. It recounts important political events that happened during his 25-year travels across the country.

How to Win an Indian Election: What Political Parties Don’t Want You to Know by Shivam Shankar Singh(Penguin, ₹250), provides an insight into the tools and strategies employed by political parties to swing the results in their favour. It dissects data and examines the research provided by Singh’s personal experiences up until his departure from the BJP in 2018.

Every Vote Counts: The Story of India’s Elections by Navin Chawla (HarperCollins India, ₹699). The former Chief Election Commissioner answers the buzzing question of how the enormous task of conducting the great Indian election in the largest democracy in the world is undertaken by the Election Commission of India.

The Verdict: Decoding India’s Elections by Prannoy Roy and Dorab R. Sopariwala (Vintage Books, ₹599) .The book attempts to decode the modern electoral landscape by distilling and presenting complex information to a more a general audience, starting with a look back at the first general election of 1952. Addressing topics ranging from the potency of opinion and exit polls to tampering of the EVMs to the anti-incumbency factor, the veteran analysts discuss and debate the factors that will decide the fate of the nation for the next five years.

How Green is your home…..


“The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do
They’re really saying I love you…”

— What a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong’s evergreen song rings true for the residents of various Primarc properties, where every day is Earth Day. April 22 reminds us that we all have a role to play in preserving our planet.

At the individual level, it is very important to turn off electric appliances when not in use and to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic as much as we can, to minimise our carbon footprint. At the corporate level, we at Primarc Group — a leading business group in Eastern India with diverse interests in Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, and E-commerce — have been building environment-friendly residential estates. For us this isn’t just another target, it’s a real passion.

It all started with Astitva, a residential complex in the heart of North Kolkata, which was coming up at a time when some commercial projects were making an effort to be environment-friendly. “We thought, why can’t residential buildings be environment-friendly as well? And we set a target as an organisation to get Astitva gold-certified by the IGBC,” said Siddharth Pansari, Director, Primarc Group. In fact, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes is the first rating programme developed in India exclusively for the residential sector.

The Soul, an upcoming project in Rajarhat, will have one of the largest green spaces — 40,000 sqft volume filled with dense greenery and water. Apart from the natural water bodies present, there will also be multiple swimming pools, making the complex a perfect mixture of the natural and the urban.

On the other hand, Southwinds, off the Southern Bypass, is surrounded by large patches of green and the promise of tomorrow. The focus was not to simply build a concrete jungle, but to build happy, healthy communities.

Meanwhile, in the historical town of Chandannagar is the beautiful property called Gangetica, where natural water bodies comprise a significant portion of the premises. The waterside provides the most soothing adda zone, creating the best kind of camaraderie.

With the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League notching up big wins, here’s an assortment of books to feed your cricket fever and put you in the mood for the Cricket World Cup this summer…



NO SPIN by SHANE WARNE (Ebury Press)
In this no-holds-barred autobiography, former Australian spin wizard Shane Warne articulates his on-field exploits as well as his off-field controversies with passion and sincerity. Peppered with insights that delve into Warne’s psyche, his highs and lows, as well as his outstanding knowledge of the game, this is a tale of a genius told without any spin.

The best-selling book for an adult hardback across both fiction and non-fiction in India, this is the story of India’s most celebrated cricketer in his own words. The book captures Sachin’s unparalleled legacy of 24 years of international cricket, providing intriguing insights and memorable anecdotes about the matches and the moments that made the Little Master a living legend of the game.

A passionate retelling of a dramatic career, this is a gripping and intense read replete with twists and turns, highs and lows, and a touch of the enigmatic — everything that defined Sourav’s cricketing journey from a stylish left-handed batsman to one of world cricket’s most charismatic leaders and personalities.


One of India’s most stylish batsmen documents his topsy-turvy cricketing journey from playing spellbinding innings like his knock of 281 against Australia at the Eden Gardens to never featuring in a World Cup for his nation. A balanced, entertaining, and anecdotal narrative, 281 and Beyond is a relatable and powerful story of travelling between ecstasy and despair as lived by a very, very special player in the midst of Indian cricket’s most triumphant yet turbulent era.

The Prominent Benefits of Real Estate Websites for Realtors

The fact that the real estate business is a difficult one is understood no better than the real estate agents themselves. Selling off homes and apartments, no matter how profitable they are for the potential buyers, is a tough task. And this task is made easier by real estate organizations that are registered in the real estate websites. The websites work a lot towards advertising for the real estate agents while also helping the potential homebuyers come across the home of their choice.

Now, as a real estate dealer trying to sell off residential flats in Sonarpur, you must not only find yourself in the real estate websites but in different online platforms as well.

Forums are by far one of the best ways to get involved in the real estate community, learn from other agents’ experiences and share your own. With laws changing, technology advancing, and unique techniques being shared, you could learn a lot by becoming a regular member of a website that offers these services.

Advertising online is vital and joining websites that display the properties you have listings on means more buyers, faster commissions, and shows the seller that you are working to get their property seen by as many eyes as possible. Plus, when you sit down with a new client and are about to take a listing, you can show them all the sites you advertise at in your presentation.

It’s true that a good house can sell itself, but chances are, buyers are going to see you first. When people hear about you as an agent, they are likely to look you up online and the more places they see your face, the more trust you will develop with them. Register for as many real estate sites as possible and let everyone know you are an active agent and ready to serve.

Often large real estate websites have a wide variety of common questions and answers that provide knowledge for real estate agents to utilize, such as: promoting a website, investing, and types of mortgages a buyer can obtain. No matter how much you already know, you can always find information from another agent who has a different perspective that might make you a better agent.

There are various sites you can find that will allow you to join their community by registering. It’s a good idea to register on a few different websites and get a feel for which one will work best for you. You may just like them all and visit them on a regular basis. So, all the best!

What Amenities Should You Look for in a Gated Community Home?

The pattern of home buying has changed over the last few years. While earlier people used to prefer standalone houses, now, they are more inclined towards buying flats and apartments. And if you look into the latest real estate scenario, you will notice an immense growth in the development of gated communities.

Homebuyers in Kolkata and in other metropolitan cities now prefer gated community homes and there are several reasons behind this preference, security being the most important one. The presence of a number of amenities comes second in the list of reasons behind the popularity of gated communities. If you happen to be on the home buying spree also, looking for a 3BHK apartment in Sonarpur, you should communicate this to your real estate agent. In order to be able to make a good choice of your home, you must know what amenities to look for or expect in your gated community home, So, here goes the list.

Children’s Play Area – A sprawling area dedicated to the little residents is a must in any gated community. The idea of a gated community is to make life convenient and comfortable for you. As such, a children’s play area ensures that you are not required to take your child anywhere for letting him play around freely. Also, since this play area is within the community, it is under security supervision and absolutely safe for your kid even when you are not with him/her.

Community Hall – Anniversaries, birthday parties and other such occasions keep coming. When you live in a gated community, organizing these functions or general gatherings is a matter of few days. Most gated communities come with a pretty spacious community hall that can accommodate your guests. These halls are usually managed and maintained by a group formed by the residents of the community itself. You will just need to book a date in advance and arrange for everything without having to worry the availability of your preferred venue.

Gym – If you are into exercising regularly, this is yet another amenity that should be present in the gated community in which you are about to buy your home. Most gated communities have a well-equipped gym, making it easier for you to continue with working out regularly without even stepping out of the community. So, whether you want to go for workouts very early in the morning or late evening after office, the gym within your community makes everything possible.

Apart from these, you should look for amenities like library, swimming pool etc., depending on your lifestyle and what you prefer to do most on weekends and so on. When it comes to buying a gated community home, it is not just the flat interior that you should consider. So, make a calculated choice and reap its benefits for years to come.

Reasons Why Your Gated Community Should Have a Children’s Play Area

When you buy a new home, you definitely don’t do it just for yourself but for your entire family. A home should be such that everyone in your family simply loves it and this includes the little ones as well. Kids, these days, have very strong opinion about what they like or dislike. Now, the good news is that if your prospective home is in a gated community, chances are that it will have an exclusive children’s play area to satisfy your little one. It might sound surprising but you should make it a point to choose a gated community with a children’s play area because it brings numerous benefits for families with kids. No wonder most residential projects are offering such play areas along with indoor games zone as well. Here is a detailed discussion worth considering.

The presence of a well-equipped children’s play area ensures that your kids are able to play around at any time of the day. Nuclear families often do not have enough members to accompany the child everyday to a nearby park or so. Also, not every locality has a play area. Community living brings several advantages and one of the greatest advantages perhaps comes in the form of a children’s play area because it takes care of the needs of the apple of your eye.


A play area also gives your kid the much-needed opportunity to socialize. It is obvious for several kids to turn up at the play area and the time they spent with each other will help them develop skills that will help them out in the long run. And with all this happening right inside the community, you can always be assured that nothing goes wrong.

Security is always heightened when it comes to gated community living. And this security aspect becomes more important when it comes to the little ones in your family. With a children’s play area in the community, the little guests to your home would have no scope to get bored. They can simply roam about and play in the park while you spend relaxing time at home being absolutely free of worries because your little ones are safe.

Like an exclusive children’s play area, there are several other amenities that are essential in a gated community set-up. So, before you invest in your new home, make a list of things you need and go about it carefully to derive the most out of the most significant investment of your life. To know more click here –

How the Modern Gated Community Projects are Ensuring Smart Living?

If you are currently house-hunting and trying to find the perfect abode for yourself and your family, you must be coming across a lot of gated community projects. This is definitely because most of the reputed real estate organizations are now developing gated communities comprising multiple stand-alone buildings and numerous flats and apartments. If you prefer to live in a flat, finding one within a gated community would be the best idea. These communities incorporate a number of amenities like landscaped gardens, swimming pools, gym, children’s play area and a lot more.

While most people prefer living in these communities because of the easily accessible facilities, there is no denying that the gated community residences ensure a smarter and more convenient living. But how does it do so? Here is a list of points explaining these and justifying why your investment on a flat in a gated community will actually be a good decision.


An Improved Lifestyle – The City of Joy is witnessing the development of a number of residential gated community projects. As such, smart living in Kankurgachi and the different other places of Kolkata, is getting ensured. The biggest advantage that it brings comes in the form of an improved lifestyle. When you have a gym, a swimming pool, a meditation space and so many other things just a step away from your flat, you start using them and eventually pave the way for a smarter lifestyle. Gated communities have exclusive children’s play area, which makes your kid stay active, both physically and mentally. An indoor games zone is also often available for the toddlers to spend a good time, make friends and become creative.

Enhanced Security Standards – If you have a small family with elderly members or kids in it and if you spend long hours at work, security turns into an important matter of concern. A gated community has too many residents to take care of. Quite naturally, the security standards are very high. The buildings have CCTV surveillance cameras to track and monitor who enters the community and why. As such, you can be largely assured of your family staying absolutely safe irrespective of the time of the day.

Prospect of Eco-Friendliness – Although the residential projects are potentially located in Kolkata, they have a lot of open space within the community, which ensures eco-friendliness and certainly, some peace from the hustle-bustle of the city. The presence of natural water bodies, landscaped gardens and playgrounds make the overall atmosphere greener and more favorable for the well-being of the residents.

The list might just go on. Consider the necessary points, talk to your developer and take suggestions from your friends and acquaintances prior to striking the final deal.

What Amenities Should You Look for in Your New Home?

As a potential home buyer, when you set about looking for a new house or apartment, there are numerous things that you take into careful consideration. The first things to occupy your mind obviously come in the form of the location of your prospective home, the size of it, square footage, carpet area, number of bedrooms, etc. While these are definitely important, lots of other stuff, which can altogether be referred to as amenities are equally important. You will often find home owners regretting the fact that they did not ask for specific upgrades or scope for such upgrades while buying the apartment. So, if you are already happy with the 3BHK apartment in Sonarpur that you have decided to buy, here are some of the amenities/upgrades that you might need in the future.


Kitchen Appliances – Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most favorite parts of a home and it is also a seat of maximum household chores. While you must check that there is the provision of a modular kitchen in your new home, you need to keep in mind possibilities of the incorporation of new appliances and so on. Basically, if you are looking forward to decking up your kitchen from time to time, make sure that the existing home decor leaves you with enough scope for that.

Bathroom Upgrades – The recent trends in home buying show that buyers are increasingly in demand for large-sized bathrooms than what used to be a few decades back. Check to make sure that the bathroom fixtures are of the best quality. Also, there should be enough space should you want to incorporate items like customized tubs, cabinets and walk-in showers.

Outdoor Spaces – Another major trend over the past few years among homeowners has been that of extending the core living experience outside. Landscaped gardens, swimming pools, children’s play area, an exclusive zone for adda, community hall and many more have become sought-after features to create ambience and enhance the outdoor living experience. Thanks to the gated communities making this possible to a large extent.

Energy-Efficient Appliances – As we strive to become a more environmentally responsible culture, conserving energy is becoming a priority. Energy star appliances are, therefore, turning out to be more popular as well.

The list might go on depending on what amenities you are looking for in your new home. So, do your research well and take the best decision ever.