Food Story : “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf 

Story, on Elgin Road, is a bookstore and much more these days. When you step through its sliding doors, you’ll be tempted to spend more time in the foyer, because the walls are spilling over with edible goodies. If you’re looking to give your pantry a makeover, Food Story is a good place to roll out the shopping cart.


To begin with, there’s a whole range of morning beverages to choose from, which means you can begin your day with either a Davidoff Rich Aroma coffee or a light Matcha tea. With Heinz Baked Beans and rolled Quaker Oats, you have breakfast sorted. Keep the kids engaged on weekend mornings with a host of different cereals, ranging from Fruit Loops to Banana Crunch.


Food Story was established in October 2018. “The idea was to bring to Calcutta new and imported products that are not easily available in the market. We’re very proud of our wide range of chocolates, coffees, exotic herbs and spices, and healthy options for kids, like imported jam and drinks. Some of the brands we’ve featured are Nando’s, Davidoff, Perrier and John West. We want to see Calcutta eat better and healthier, and so we have a range of seeds, nuts (everything from pecan to Brazil nuts to pine nuts), dehydrated fruits (strawberry, kiwi, mango) and organic honey, pulses and spices,” said the curator of Food Story, Shambhavi Pansari.


If you’re in the mood to whip up a meal yourself, because the latest food video on Instagram has brought out your inner Remy, take a look at the section dedicated to pastas. Spaghetti, farfalle, fettuccine, penne — there’s a shape for any Italian dish you’re craving. But if less-work-more-flavour is your style, then stock up on Nando’s Peri-Peri sauces, whether it’s extra-hot, lemon and herb or garlic.

For those of you on a health kick, there are bottles of extra virgin oil and apple cider vinegar. Nuts and seeds also come in handy packets, so just slip one inside your bag for sudden hunger pangs. But take a break too, and treat yourself to some flavoured coffee at the very least — there’s Irish Cream, Vanilla and Hazelnut to choose from! There are plenty of delicious chips, dips and gourmet popcorn for Family Movie Night or a house party, too. When you come to Food Story, it’s a complete culinary adventure.