Namaskar, it's your Priyo Da!

I am your new bandhu from Primarc Projects.I have a host of benefits tailor-made for you

I wish to meet your expectations about every aspect of your home,  if you just let me be your guide.

What I can do…

  • Answer your housing queries…
    • Allotment Letter/ Demand Letter/ Money Receipt/ ATS
    • Payment Terms/ Late Payment and Charges
    • Specifications/ Structural Changes/ Extra Facilities
    • Queries on Bank Loans/ Legal Issues
  • Help you go through the entire booking and handover process
  • Update you on regular intervals about the progress of your property
  • Inform you about what’s happening at Primac Group
  • Invite you to all our events and occasions
  • Remember your birthday
  • Get back to you immediately

How to get in touch with me…

Mail me at at your convenience

or call at 9883055000
10am -6.30pm Monday to Friday
10am -6.00pm Saturday and Sunday

I will personally answer each query