Problems of Choosing the Wrong Real Estate Dealer

If you ask ten people who have recently bought a home in the past 12 months, chances are that at least one of these ten people will mention that he had a poor experience with a real estate agent. There are several home buyers who make the mistake of choosing a real estate dealer who lacks the desired skill and expertise.

If you are in the process of buying one of those posh apartments near EM Bypass or any other area, here is a list of problems that will likely arise if you make a bad choice. Check out for the signs beforehand to avoid suffering later.


Lack of Confidence – When you go to hire an agent you should have a list of real estate related questions in hand to ask the person. You need to know if this individual is a top performer and has enough experience in the field. A good narrator with nothing to back up what he is saying is a sure sign that the realtor is not confident enough to be trusted with something as crucial as home buying.

Less Communication – Your agent should remain in regular communication with you throughout the buying process. If the agent fails to do this there could be a problem. It could mean that he is not actually doing any work for you, or it could mean that the work he is doing is not accomplishing anything. At the least, a lack of communication is a sure sign of inexperience or incompetence. A good real estate agent will always have a communication system in place and will keep you updated with all the relevant information irrespective of whether you have asked for it or not.

Unprofessional – Another tell-tale sign that you have hired the wrong kind of real estate agent is that they are unprofessional. There are many things that imply unprofessionalism when it comes to real estate agents. One of the biggest signs that an agent is unprofessional is whether or not he values your time. Is your real estate agent showing up late to appointments? If the answer is yes, you are surely not moving in the right direction.

Too Persuasive – On the other hand, the agent may be way more forceful than you are expecting. Home buying solely involves your money and your choice. The real estate agent is there to guide you and is working to get you what you want only as long as it is feasible. If your agent is trying to shove you into a deal you are not comfortable with, walk away immediately.

Keep these signs in mind and make sure you choose a good real estate agent who will largely determine the deal you are able to strike.