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HIRA Registration No.
Allure, Kolkata : HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000007
Akriti, Purba Bardhaman : HIRA/P/PUR/2018/000003
Aura ( Phase I ),Block 1-3, Hooghly : HIRA/P/HOO/2018/000045
Aura ( Phase II ),Block 4, Hooghly : HIRA/P/HOO/2018/000039
Aangan, North 24-Parganas : HIRA/P/NOR/2018/000032
Southwinds ( Phase II )Block 6,7,8, South 24-Parganas : HIRA/P/SOU/2018/000134
Southwinds ( Phase III )Block 9, South 24-Parganas : HIRA/P/SOU/2018/000137
The Soul ( Phase I ), North 24-Parganas : HIRA/P/NOR/2018/000138
The Soul ( Phase II ), North 24-Parganas : HIRA/P/NOR/2018/000133
Available at Website : https://hira.wb.gov.in