Paving the way for startup success.

Primarc I-Venture backs startups and founders in their entrepreneurial journeys. We provide angel capital, mentoring and support by leveraging our learnings, expertise and resources, to develop and nurture promising ideas.

We actively explore ideas that push the human race forward.

Our key focus areas

Our key focus areas

We support a diverse range of ventures that benefit both businesses and society.

Our key focus areas lie in Bengal-based startups, initiatives that drive significant social impact, and innovations within retail and real estate. We back ideas that alleviate customer pain points, foster growth for organisations, and create a positive ripple effect for businesses and society.

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Unleashing potential

Our investment portfolio boasts an impressive array of successful startups that have revolutionised various industries. Ketto has redefined crowdfunding for social causes. Design Cafe has transformed the interior design landscape. Wooden Street, Sirona and Sampurn Earth are just a few more examples.

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