Find homes for others. Unlock rewards for yourself.

Share The Joy

Join our unique referral program and discover a path to earning rewards and
building communities.

At Primarc, we believe that joy is best shared. That’s why we invite you to be a
part of this exciting initiative where you can help your friends and family find their
dream projects, while earning rewarding benefits for yourself. Not only will you be
spreading joy by helping others, but also have a chance to earn and enjoy special
reward as a token of our gratitude.

Creating connections that matter

Creating connections that matter

By participating in our ‘Share The Joy’ referral program, you contribute to creating vibrant communities of like-minded individuals.

We believe that bringing together people who share common values and aspirations, a common heritage and culture, creates a thriving environment where everyone can flourish. So reach out to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, help them discover the Primarc diffference.

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