5 things to consider before investing into your home.

5 things to consider before investing into your home.

Buying a home is nothing short of achieving a milestone. It is one of the most important life decisions and entails a multitude of emotions. We know how investing in a home is a dream for most average Indians. While we invest our hard earned fortune we must evaluate the right worth of it. Therefore before purchasing a home, it is mandatory to undergo proper due diligence and intense research about the various aspects of home buying. In this article we have explored the crucial tenets that a home owner must tick box before investing in his dream abode.

Community living

One thing that we have learnt from this ongoing pandemic is the immense benefits of community living. The world is shrinking, real communication is moulding into virtual ones, but the happiness one receives from a community living is irreplaceable. Your commune is your second family. The need of the hour is a helping hand and what could be better than a like-minded and caring neighbourhood. So choosing community living tops the priority chart.

Do your research

Buying a home cannot be a hasty decision. The purchase must entail profound research and budgeting so that it turns into an investment rather than a liability. Doing proper researching and taking an analytical approach logically based on the financial factors. Here it is important not to consider trivial likes and dislikes, which will surely land you with the best property.


Where you live, decides your fate. So choose your location wisely. One of the supremely important factors while buying your home is the location. Location being subjective should cater to your best interest. But on an average a good location is one which connects you to the heartland of the city and makes commute a smooth ride. Also, a good location is evaluated on factors like neighbourhood, proximity from essential commodities like hospitals, banks, schools, market places etc.

Taking up a housing loan

For first time home buyers, taking a financial leap of this magnitude is certainly fretful. But thanks to various housing schemes which have eased our worries and made home buying a worry free investment. Under the PM Awas Yojana a house owners gets attractive interest rate benefits. Additionally, there are tax benefits on home loan interest rate under Section 24 and on principal payment under Section 80C along with payments towards registration and stamp duty.

Which project to choose

This is the toughest decision. Zeroing down to a project which meets checklists every requirement and caters to all your need is indeed a struggle. But streamlining your research will take this burden off your shoulders in no time. There are many notable and renowned builders who have contributed in reshaping the skyline of the city. While considering you should find out not only about the builder but also landscapists, architects, consultants and more such important names associated with the project. It is important to build a relationship of trust with your realtor, therefore repute matters. One such distinguished realtor is Primarc who with their years of expertise and august standing have made homes for thousands of happy families.

While you keep the above factors in mind, you will definitely find your dream home. Dwelling in a home with state-of-the-art amenities and luxuries at your convenience is no longer a dream but a reality. And Primarc every time brings you closer to your dream. With projects like Southwinds, located in the heart of Southern Bypass, it is one of the best and thriving community living in all of Southern Calcutta. From glitzy club to multilevel shopping arcade, name it and you find it in your home at Southwinds. If you’re wondering more on our projects, have a look at  www.primarc.in/projects.

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