Engaging employees with creative office space design

Engaging employees with creative office space design

Businesses across the globe faced major challenges during the pandemic. No one can confidently say that the pandemic is over yet, however, the world is trying to overcome the phase. Companies made significant adjustments to the way they do business and are looking for flexible ways to operate.

Remote work, though undeniably cost-effective, tends to significantly inhibit collaboration even over digital channels. Companies learned that a creative office space is important to keep the team together and foster collaboration to deliver a project successfully. Many employees are reaching their personal productivity limits, and they need a place to work that caters to them instead of their managers. Primarc Chambers is offering commercial property near Ruby crossing with flexible office units that would encourage employee engagement on a daily basis.

What is creative office space design?

Creative office space design is an innovative layout that ditches the typical office conventions and appeals to the senses and encourages creativity. It's a place where people don't just work but rather become inspired by what they get to create or work on. Creative office space design enables employees to be creative and have a flexible working environment, making the workspace a hub for collaboration and imagination.

Allowing employees to spend time outside of their cubicles and in zones better suited to specific tasks can improve mood and productivity. Changes in technology accelerated the change in workspace design. Now, people don’t need to be rooted at one desk all day since computers, phones and other technology have become mobile and as a result, employees have a lot more freedom to move around in the office without compromising their ability to work.

 Creative office design strategies:

Traditional office spaces with dull surroundings often lack inspiration which kills the creative spirit and leads to stagnation and eventually, unhappy employees. Here are 3 strategies to design a creative office that invokes creativity, flexibility and collaboration:

  1. Creative office spaces usually provide room for customization. Unlike traditional office spaces, they are built with open floor plan and fewer private offices so that employees can move around freely. Primarc Chambers’ office space near Ruby crossing is all about efficient space management including open office units with no obstructions and columns.
  2. With millennials and GenZ being the majority of workforce, companies are rethinking about space utilization and layouts. They want to work hard without compromising on their life. They want the perfect balance of work and leisure with more room for creativity. Open terrace, specious executive lounge, cafeteria and other recreational amenities make them want to come to office.
  3. The modern workplace prioritises wellness to make employees feel empowered to deliver great work. Wellness amenities make the workplace a healthier place creating an environment that helps employees feel happy, comfortable and healthy. Access to more natural light, merging indoor and outdoor spaces, rooftop decks, presence of greenery and succulents with plenty of seating and work tables – invoke a sense of belonging that makes employees stay in the company.

Bring comfort for maximum productivity:

Many business owners, managers and HR professionals are concerned about the lack of flexibility in their company’s workspace environment. Primarc Chambers offers a modern office space with necessary amenities that help to instil a sense of belonging that many are happy to work within. Collaborating with your employees is one of the best investments you can make. We offer a creative work environment, designed to encourage creativity and collaboration by adding interest, charm and inclusiveness.

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