How Primarc is acing the game of sustainable homes

How Primarc is acing the game of sustainable homes

What is the purpose of infrastructure? Is it just about ensuring comfort, convenience and luxury? Not really.

Infrastructure, be it residential or commercial, must aim at uplifting the living standards of the occupants as well as the whole neighbourhood. Increasing awareness about climate change and environmental dangers has made consumers more conscious about sustainability. Various industries including real estate have been striving towards reducing carbon footprint by using alternate resources, eco-friendly methods and technologies.

Today, new age homebuyers are in search of residential investments that can contribute both tangibly and intangibly to the wellbeing of their family. Home is not just a shelter for them but a significant aspect of their existence. They want a home that is energy-efficient, has enough open space to breathe and does not harm the environment in anyway. As a responsible builder, Primarc has always aimed at improving the quality of life for its residents incorporating the sustainable home concept.

So, what are the key aspects that sustainable buildings focus on?

  1. Building location:

Property location is a significant factor to attain net-zero energy goals. The local climate where the property is situated is very important to make it energy efficient. Every place has unique climatic conditions and builders need to think on their feet to offer solutions that reduce energy consumption. Primarc has strategically implemented cooling ponds and open spaces in their upcoming residential projects like Southwinds, The Soul, Southern Vista etc. that not only improve visual aesthetics but cool down the temperature. Such passive design strategies significantly reduce embodied energy and construction cost.

  1. Minimal waste:

Efficient waste management is one of the key criteria for sustainable homes. The aim is to keep the waste minimum by embracing proper waste disposal techniques. Firstly, the waste should be thoroughly segregated into wet and dry bins so that non-recyclable wastes do not mix with recyclable ones. Recycling and reusing items like wood, metals and glass help to generate lesser waste while hazardous waste like paint cans, bulbs, tires etc. should be dropped in separate disposal sites. At Primarc properties, we take utmost care of proper waste management system so that it does not lead to overburdened landfills.

  1. Energy efficiency:

Sustainability come hand-in-hand with energy efficiency. An eco-friendly home reduces unnecessary energy consumption and over utilisation of non-renewable resources. Primarc uses thermal insulation materials for walls, ceiling, doors and windows to make the properties energy efficient. Presence of open space and plenty of greenery in the premises promote wellbeing while saving electricity consumption. Homes that receive maximum sunshine throughout the day obviously consume less energy. Installing LED lighting, cost-effective heating or cooling system and other responsible appliances are effective ways to optimise energy consumption.

  1. Water management:

Water is precious and industries must consciously take actions to conserve water. Improvements in building designs that create minimum dependency on freshwater are solid steps to ensure sustainability. Having rainwater harvesting systems, water-efficient faucets and plumbing fixtures, efficient pipe design, efficient sewage treatment can contribute significantly to water conservation.

  1. Building materials:

By using sustainable building materials, we ensure that the home lasts for a lifetime. Concrete flooring and walls, reclaimed wood, metal roofing and sliding ensure long lasting homes with lower maintenance. Old, discarded objects can be upcycled with the help of technological advancements. At Primarc, we prefer to use locally sourced materials as they eliminate the cost and energy consumption that goes into transportation. Buying from local manufacturers also contribute a great deal to strengthen sustainable community.

Being a part of a global community, each of us has certain duties towards environment. Climate sensitive approaches in real estate can improve the living standards while protecting our ecosystem and preserving natural resources for future generations.

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