The new-age commercial projects are holistic spaces

The new-age commercial projects are holistic spaces

Gone are the days when offices were designed solely for business. Today, employee satisfaction and client retention have become essential factors in running a business efficiently. In the last decade, commercial spaces have tried to edge towards becoming experience centres. The more an office offers and evolves to make an employee feel belonged, the more efficiently work progresses.

Hence, commercial spaces are striving hard to become holistic in their offerings. Offices are now less about meeting and conference rooms and more about luxury and leisure. They are measured according to the benefits they offer their employees on an average day. Commercial spaces must engage with their owners and employees daily.

Research shows that apart from managers, co-workers and job satisfaction, office structure and benefits provided by the organisation and building go a long way in retaining employees, so a functional design is seen as a prominent factor in building commercial spaces.

The design of an office also encourages collaboration between teams and provides a better workflow in the long run. These spaces are focused on enhancing the well-being of employees. New age offices are driven, high-pressure environments, so open spaces like terraces, cafeterias, and games rooms offer much-needed relaxation during a hectic day. Dedicated areas to unwind are fast becoming a norm in commercial spaces. 

Keeping this in mind, Primarc designed a stellar commercial property in an unbeatable location with one prominent approach: good design means good business.

 Primarc Chambers is one of the few commercial spaces in Kolkata to offer both an avant-garde business centre and a relaxing executive lounge. The office space is optimum, efficient and flexible, well-equipped to provide a business class experience. At 406 sq. ft., offices at Primarc Chambers are fully customisable.

However, what makes Chambers different is the absence of columns on every floor. Vastu compliant units are designed to be customised according to the taste and preferences of owners and employees. The approach allows ideas to travel freely and enable high-space productivity across the board.

It is a fact that in this day and age when digitisation and work-from-home have taken over our lives, commercial spaces must suit the needs of the employees.  They must aim to make post-pandemic work feel like play and bring home-like comfort to the workplace.

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