Together We Can

Together We Can

‘Man is a social animal’.

This line is the hallowed chapter-opener for most social science textbooks. And appropriately so, because for time immemorial, mankind has been defined by collective movement in a unified direction.

Millennia ago, when man was just finding his feet, we were a race of hunter-gatherers. Slowly, the different races figured out the benefit of hanging together in packs. Safety in numbers, and a combined physical potential greater than the sum of the parts. This translates into small groups, then villages, then collections of villages, and towns, and cities. Soon enough, mankind wasn’t just a species. We were a collection of communities.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and we find our history is replete with architectural accomplishments we could only have done together. The Pyramids. The Taj Mahal. Machu Picchu. You name it, and it’s a testament to the power of togetherness.

But it’s not just the buildings and monuments we can see and touch. The most iconic movements and events have symbolised the power of togetherness. Our heroes sparked a collective response that sent shockwaves across the country. Gandhi’s legendary Salt March was a study in unity, and an inspiration to millions everywhere. Netaji’s rallying cry drew followers from around the country and allowed them to accomplish so much. This long and immortal list of names fought for independence in their own ways, and thereby galvanised the people to join them. But always, always as a single people.

If you look at the sports we love as a people, it reveals the same approach. Cricket and hockey dominate the stage, while football is on the rise. Even a native sport like kabaddi is back in the public’s eye. One and all, they are team sports. Each has its own heroes and icons, and they are the figureheads of their sport. But they all featured in strong and capable teams that enabled them to achieve great victories.

This year, of course, the world changed again. Billions locked up in their homes, many without work or any productive ways of handling the unique stresses of the pandemic. And yet, once again, that singular community spirit shone through. Friends who hadn’t spoken in years reached out to one another, strangers consoled each other in message boards and social media comment sections, and corporate machines acknowledged that it was, in fact, real human people that worked for them, and took care of them. Once again, humanity banded together, and it all seemed just a little bit better than before.

History has shown that our greatest achievements are the result of all of us pulling in the same direction. It is this simple truth that we carry in our hearts when we come to work every day, and it is what drives us to make a difference in your lives. Together, we can.

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