5 tips to manage workplace disruption & boost productivity

5 tips to manage workplace disruption & boost productivity

We've all been there. You're deep in thought, working on a project or an important task, when suddenly your phone buzzes and you can't resist answering it. And then there's another buzz and another interruption—and before long, all day long!

We often struggle to meet the deadlines for several disruptions and workspace design plays a crucial role in it. Primarc Chambers offers carefully designed office space near Ruby Crossing that leads to a less stressful office environment making employees feel calm and comfortable to produce their best work. Cramped offices with inadequate lighting and poor facilities are not acceptable for employees as they create a very negative atmosphere.

Here's the list of 5 tips for managing workplace disruption so that your productivity doesn't suffer:

De-clutter your desk:

Start with de-cluttering your desk. Only keep things that are absolutely necessary. Don’t hesitate to throw away outdated bills, unnecessary papers etc. to keep the desk clutter free. Place your most frequently used items such as, charger or notebook neatly arranged on the desk. Get your cables under control by keeping them organized in a basket. Try to digitize your notes and documents to keep the desk organized for a longer time.

Step away from the screen:

Taking breaks can actually help you stay productive throughout the day. You must know the art of taking "mini-breaks" to focus better. But that doesn’t mean scrolling through the social media. Put down your phone and walk around for 5 minutes each hour. If you're working at home, go outside or into another room in your house if possible—it makes you feel more calm and relaxed when doing something other than sitting in front of a computer screen all day long! Stand up straight, stretch out any tense muscles in your body and breathe deeply before sitting back down again with some fresh eyes on what needs to be done next.

Stay hydrated:

Drink water! You may not think you need to drink more than usual because you're already getting enough, but here's the thing: your body needs roughly 20 ounces of liquid per day to function properly. So make it your goal to drink at least that much on any given day—and then go even higher if possible.

There are other ways for you to stay hydrated besides just drinking plain water. Try adding lemon or lime juice into it to make it healthier. Your goal should be clear - get enough fluids in your body so that all systems run smoothly throughout each day and night.

Minimize distractions:

It’s also important not to get distracted by constant notifications from phone apps and websites. If you can't turn all of them off, at least minimize the notification. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed by coworkers or other distractions. Premium workspace offered by Primarc Chambers provides quiet outdoor nooks where employees can sit and work alone without any distractions.

Prioritize your tasks:

Do the most important tasks first, and do them in the order of importance. If you're looking for a quick win, try to put off doing what's hard for you as soon as possible — and when something is really urgent, don't wait until last minute! Make a to-do list and tick them off as soon as you are done. If you like spending quiet time alone but also enjoy brainstorming ideas with others at work more than anything else then set aside some time each week specifically dedicated to brainstorming sessions together.

Manage workspace disruption with ease:

Office space near Ruby Crossing provides spacious and flexible workstations with plenty of scopes for work and recreation. The project has all the equipment, supplies, and tools needed to deal with emergencies. The idea is to give employees a sense of belonging so that they feel less stressed and work in peace.


You'll need to look at your work environment from top to bottom, de-clutter your desk, get out of the office and switch off technology when possible so that you can focus on what's important in life outside of work. The best way forward is with some careful planning!

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